Aunty Smitha And Her Friend

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As it was explained in my earlier on how I fucked my Aunty Smitha and played with her huge boobs of 36DDD, it’s now time I tell you about a threesome experience between Smitha Aunty, me and her another Hot Friend just like her…
I fucked Smitha Aunty in every vacation after the previous incident and visited their house a lot. It was all good until Smitha Aunty once suggested me that we should try new things which will help keep the interest in our sex. We started trying different things.. Roleplays, where she was my mom and accidentally I squeezed her boob/saw her naked which led to sex. Femdom, where she tied me and played a dominant role and fucked herself by sitting on my dick. But we both started feeling bit uninterested. It was one such day when after sex we were laying naked to each other watching porn and I searched for a threesome sex video. Smitha was turned on by that and we had another round of sex, probably the best after so many days..
This led me thinking about bringing another sex partner in our sex life. And eventually, I asked Smitha for it.. She agreed and was too excited for it. But she wanted a female partner. I felt terrible bcoz finding female partner for a threesome was nearly impossible for me.
But it all my fear was dissolved when a couple of days later I saw her visiting Smitha Aunty’s place. Her name was Shivani Aunty. She was 5’5″ tall, fair in complexion, about 55-60kgs, waist-length hair and another perfect ideal combination of hot Indian mature wife.
She was wearing a black kurta over tight black leggings. Her hair tied with in a single white bow. She had a scarf to cover up her front but when she entered the house she took it off.. What an amazing front view it gave me. The black color of her clothes enhanced her assets. There were only three of us in the house. And we started talking. Smitha Aunty started talking about all the naughty things they did when they shared the same hostel room and Shivani Aunty was being shy at those moments and giggled sweetly. Oh how badly did I wanted to fuck her straight away.. I wouldn’t care about any consequences if it wasn’t for my morals. I would’ve tore those kurta to fondle to perfectly shaped tits and the leggings to fuck her fair and pink pussy. I was dreaming about it while looking at her boobs when Smitha Aunty called my name and I was back to my senses. Shivani Aunty stayed for an hour or so and left..
As soon as she left, I pounced on Smitha Aunty and undressed her completely and went a couple of steps back. She waited in anticipation with her DDD boobs hung in front of me. I pictured Shivani Aunty instead of her and started kissing her, squeezed her boobs until it hurt her.. I was gone wild and I fucked her for 20 long minutes, dreaming about Shivani Aunty. Smitha Aunty loved that session and we laid next to each other when she asked me if the reason for such amazing sex was Shivani. I nodded. She smiled and said, “Yahi toh reason tha usse aaj bulane ka, chalo achhi baat hain tumhe pasand hain.. Main kuch karti hoon.” I thanked heavens.
Smitha Aunty kept on calling her to her house for next 3-4 days and we kinda grew in confidence to take her on. Abd the way she dressed in those days was so awesome, it helped us in getting awesome sex as well.
The day finally arrived. Shivani Aunty came to our house as usual. Today she sat next to me on the couch and Smitha Aunty sat in fron of us when usually it was the opposit. So while talking, Smitha Aunty asked Shivani Aunty, “Aur bata apni sex life ke baare main.” I was shocked and so was Shivani Aunty, and she blushed looking at me. Smitha Aunty said, “Arre tu iske baare main mat soch, isse sb pata hain, bohot smart hain, isse mat sharma.” Shivani Aunty told us about her sex life. It was awful, her husband never satisfied her fully and she said she was drained with all the housework she had and no enjoyment of her own. Smitha Aunty suggested, “Mera bhi kuch aisa hi hota tha lekin ab dekh, sb kuch thik chal rha hain”, looking at me and winking. Shivani Aunty was confused and said, “Aisa kya hua jo ekdmse sb kuch thik ho gya?” Smitha Aunty smirked and got up and next to me and pushed me towards her and we three cramped on a single couch and gently hovered her hand on my pyjamas over my genital area and said, “Yeh hua hain.” Shivani Aunty looked at what she did and was shocked to see that and she looked at me. I was blushing at the very moment and gave her an awkward smile. Smitha Aunty continued saying, “Kaho toh tumhe bhi kuch help karde?” Shivani Aunty gave a disapproved look saying, “Nahi yaar, aise nahi hota.. This is cheating.”
Smitha-“College main toh bohot kaand kiye the aise wale, bhul gayi kaise uss Rahul ko chudwa kr liya tha jbki tu already Samir ke sath relation main thi.”
Shivani-“Tab ki baat aur thi yaar, now I am married.”
Smitha-“Married toh main bhi hun, pr jbse yeh hua hain tbse I feel happy about my life.”
Shivani-“I don’t know yaar……
She looked the other way in maybe a disgraceful look. Smitha Aunty took my dick and started licking it slowly. Shivani Aunty eyes widened when she looked at this but continued looking at it. Smitha Aunty started sucking my dick real nice and in no time made me hard. While sucking she looked for Shivani Aunty’s hand with her own and once found placed it on my shaft of a dick, all while sucking it. Shivani aunty just held it for a minute or so and started squeezing it. I was going crazy and couldn’t believe what was happening with me. I started both aunties backs. I was too keen on seeing Shivani Aunty’s boobs and started squeezing her them over clothes.. Until then she had her mouth on my dick and both aunties were sucking my dick together. Shivani was wearing a Tshirt and Smitha was in a kurta. I squeezed Shivani’s boobs continuously. She stopped sucking on my dick and undressed topless, her boobs were 34DD in size and then continued sucking. I stopped her and squeezed her boobs and started sucking on them. She moaned in pleasure. Smitha too undressed completely and kept on sucking my dick. Shivani’s boobs were softer than any pair of boobs I’d ever fondled. I loved every second of it. I sucked, squeezed, pinched, bit those boobs…
I even spanked them. Shivani loved it. I stopped Smitha and as she sat upright, I told both of them to stand up and sucked their boobs simultaneously and together too. Squeezed one, sucked other. It went on for a few minutes and then I sat on the couch, my dick rock hard. Shivani sat on my dick and rode me. I fucked her brains out while sucking on Smitha’s boobs and fingering her pussy.
It was Smitha’s turn now and she sat on my dick and started fucking herself. Shivani and Smitha, both my aunties looked awesome then. Shivani sat my face and I licked her pussy while fucking Smitha. I was about to cum when I stopped Smitha and took the dick out and splashed my cum over Shivani’s boobs. It was an amazing threesome after all.
All three of us took a shower together and I kept on squeezing and pinching both aunty’s boobs. I dressed both of them with my own hands.
So how was it, guys? Do like it and don’t forget to send a feedback on how the story really was and did it help make you cum. I am writing this story while Shivani and Smitha Aunty by my side, naked. They say that they want some good feedback and hoping to get dirty comments about them and their bodies.

Aunt Wants Anal

Aunty Sex Stories : Aunt Wants Anal

This is Dipu.  i spend most of my time watching porn, but I got interested after going through couple of stories. So I decided to share my own experience which happened last year. Since this is my first time Im not sure if you will like it, however
To begin with myself, Im 5.4″ guy with few extra pounds and Im very sexual. I get attracted to elderly women very much and love navel gazing. I always fantazise about having fun with aunts but i never expected that it will happen with my own loving aunt pushpa. Pushpa is my far relative. She lives with her in laws in some place in karnataka – andhra border. Her husband is a jawan in crpf, he comes only like 30-45 days in a year to be with his family in holiday. Even when he comes pushpa and her husband dont get enough time to have sex as they live in a joint family and when he comes he is busy visiting his friends and relatives rather satisfying pushpa.

Pushpa is a normal 40 years women who has 2 sons and both are studying in hostel. During dusserra holidays she along with her sons came to bangalore to visit us, as I was also in vacation I took them for sight seeing in bangalore and they her 2 sons became close to me and we had a lot of fun. After 2 days of outing and roaming we had to stay in the house due to tiredness. In these two days i got attracted to pushpa very much, she used to wear only sarees and i tried looking at her navel but she never used to wear saree below navel. I tried touching her boobs and ass whenever possible and fantasized fucking her and shagged all night.
The next day my self and pushpa were all alone at home as she felt sick and her 2 sons and my parents went out for shopping and I knew they wont be back until evening. So myself and pushpa started chatting on many topics and she suddenly asked me about the photos and videos that i had in my mobile. I had a collection of navel pics of heroines and porn stuff of julia ann. I was shocked hearing that and I asked her not to tell about it to my parents, but she had other things in mind.
She told me that its natural that boys of my age to do this kind of stuff. I told her I only have fantasies and tilll now I was a virgin, she didnt believe that and blushed. Then she told me how she starves for sex due to her husbands unavailability and her in laws. I told her Im really sorry about it thats the moment she asked me a question. She asked me ” Anal fucking na ennada ?” I was shocked but i tried explaining her whats anal sex, than she was like do people have sex in ass holes also ? I asked her why havent you had anal sex ? She told me that her husband fucks her only in missionary position and they never tried anal or oral.
Then I took courage and asked her would you like to have them both ? She told me that she is starving for sex and that she noticed me when we had gone outing that I was staring at her waist and how i tried touching her boobs and ass and without any hesitant she told me fuck me just the way that guy fucked her in that porn movie that you have in your mobile. I was waiting for that moment only. I went near her took her face in my hands and started smooching her, we played with our tongues for 10 minutes and then I started removing her pallu and buried my face in her cleavage , she started breathing heavily. I went down as i kissed her tummy and pulled down her petty coat to look at her navel, to my shock she had a beautiful navel which was deep and round, I immediately put my tongue into it and licked it for 15 minutes.
Then she asked me to kiss her pussy, i told her thats what Im goin to do next, so we both became naked and she asked me why arent you interested in my boobs, i told her that they are small so she told me “appo en mulaya amuki perusu pannuda” which means why dont you pump them and make them big. I told her Ill do whatever you want pushpa and made her lie on the bed. My lips went to her pussy to lick and suck while my hands went on her small breasts to pump them as per her wish. I still cannot forget the way she shouted ” dipu nakku da innum ulla vittu nakku da, en mulaya amuku da innum jora amuku da”. Nearly 20 minutes after doing that I asked her to suck my cock but she resisted saying that she hasnt done that before and shes afraid how its going to taste ? Then i went to the kitchen and bought the jam bottle with me. I took some jam and applied it to my dick and then gave it to her, she closed her eyes and rolled her toungue on my dick head nad said she cant do it I told her you wont get satisfied unless you do it , so she my cock in to her mouth licked it suckd it for 5 minutes after which I told her thts enough for now.
Then it was time to put my dick in her pussy. i was afraid a bit as this was my first time and that my skin might not open but since she lubricated it with her saliva it easily went inside her pussy, we went for 15 minutes in missionary position and then she asked me ” dipu en chootha adikiriya da ” I told her if she wished yes but I reminded her it will be painful, she told me thats okay and she couldnt wait anymore she wanted my dick so badly in her ass hole, so I first inserted my middle finger and thumb finer to expand it, than i slowly put my dick in her ass hole and moved it mm by mm. I could feel she was in heaven. She started moaning like a whore shouting “jora adi da innum jora adi da”
I kept banging her ass for like 20 minutes and when ever i was about to cum i slowed down and than started again to bang her. I asked her where would she want me to cum for which she told, cum in my ass hole i wanna feel that in my ass hole. So i started banging her hard and i cummed, oh what a feeling it is ti cum inside a ass hole. i asked her whether she was satisfied. She told me you know how to keep a woman satisfied your wife must be really lucky.
Then I assumed that our fun was over but she suddenly tole me that she wants to suck my dick for which I agreed but before She put it in her mouth I went to wash room and and washed my dick so pushpa need not taste or smell her own shit. when she took my dick in her mouth for the 2nd time I was shocked as now I can see and feel that shes sucking the cock like a pro. she kept playing with my cock for 15 minutes and i told her that i want to cum in her navel now, she agreed and took my dick and placed it near her tummy and pushed my dick front and back, after a couple of strokes i cummed in her round deep navel. Now she looked like a real whore in a porn movie. I asked why dont you taste my cum for which she took her middle finger and put it in her filled with my cum and took a portion of it and tasted it. She told it tastes so bad but even then she she took the cum and tasted it and also applied some of it to her nipples.
The next day she left with her children to her house and we still keep in touch through phone calls. Wish we have more fun in the future.

Nandu And Girija Aunty

Aunty Sex Stories : Nandu And Girija Aunty

Hi everyone. Kind request to all to keep your cocks erect and pussies wet before reading this story.
I am Nandu. Simple haan? I don’t like giving elaborate description. I am fond of aunties and like to fuck their holes all the time. It is easy to fuck them as most of them are sex starved and will give in when an opportunity arise. There was one woman who proved my concepts wrong and she was my mother’s elder sister. Her name is Girija aunty.
She looked hot and she was the woman I always fantasized. I had masturbated countless times thinking her and she would be surprised if she knew a boy fucked her so many times in his mind. I loved her assets and was waiting for a day to feel them.
Our family lives in Bangalore and she lives in Chennai. Hence, the opportunities were miserably zero. I could see her only once in six months during my semester holidays. I tried to seduce her and have her in my bed for a very long time but managed to see only one of her boobs and that too happened by accident. The end results of all my missions were FAILURE. She was too clever to be fooled and proved difficult to break in.
After years of hard work and implementing new strategies I finally drilled her hole. Let me tell you this, this woman is worth all the hard work and all the credits go to my new found tactics and seduction strategies. What follows is the detailed report of my mission to dig her hole.
I got 15 days holiday after my sixth semester and begged my parents to take me to Chennai on the pretext of meeting our grandma. The actual plan was to see Girija aunty and impress her this time to get into bed with her. My plan was to keep a porn cd with a Tamil movie cover in uncle’s cupboard where she would be looking for movies when cable connection was not working. The next step was to make sure that no one is home when she watch the porn movie so that her attention is focused only on me. I had no backup plan and strongly hoped that this will work.
We spent two days with grand ma and went to see Girija aunty and her family. She welcomed us with lots of love and gave all four of us her special homemade rose milk. I was looking for her daughter and her husband but could not find them. I did not hesitate to inquire about them the next second. She said they went to Delhi to participate in International science exhibition. I was full of joy and immediately noticed that things are moving as I planned. She started praising me for being so fond of uncle and her daughter but she was totally unaware of my intensions. Two major people or should I tell them major hurdles were eliminated from the list and I had to get rid of my parents and grand ma to proceed with my plan.
One advantage I had on my side was that Girija aunty doesn’t like crowded places. If I managed to convince my parents to go to beach or some temple where it is heavily crowded I can stay back in the last minute with some intelligently planned lie and proceed with my plan. The wind was in the opposite direction and I started feeling that this time my mission will see the same fate as before and would go empty handed because my parents were not interested to even step out of the house due to hot weather and I was careful ensuring that they would not doubt me for any reason.
I had to come up with a new plan or forget about having sex with Girija aunty. I was sitting on the sofa with my brain doing a lot of multiprocessing to come up with a new plan. I heard my father talking to one of his customer and remembered one of his major business friends inviting my dad for his daughter’s marriage in Thiruvanmiyur the next day. I was waiting for the call to end and told him about the marriage he was supposed to attend. He was totally surprised by my brilliance and told my mom that they should attend the marriage at any cost or else they would feel bad. My mom nodded and asked my grand ma if she wants to join them. Since grand pa died a year ago, she was alone and agreed to go with them.
I was relieved and inched closer to implementing my plans. My parents were set to leave by noon the next day. As the day passed I started feeling cold and my body started shivering. My mom was worried and immediately took me to a clinic along with Girija aunty. The doctor confirmed that it is a viral fever and I felt like everything came to an end. My mission failed again. I couldn’t even walk forget about fucking her in bed. I was given an injection and later returned home. Girija aunty asked me to sleep in their bed room since the tiles floor in hall was too cold for me to sleep.
I was totally depressed and the feeling of failure was hurting me more than the disease itself. My parents left the next day and requested Girija aunty to take good care of me. After my parents left, I went to the bed room and watched the fan rotating. I was cursing god for failing me this time when all the opportunities presented themselves in front of me. I could never imagine another golden opportunity like that ever again in my life.
Girija aunty came with a bowl of boiled and smashed rice. She was so caring and helped me with a teaspoon as I could not eat with my shivering hands. I had to drink hot water and Girija aunty asked me to sleep and call her if I want anything. I could not tell her that I came for her though my entire mind was filled with filthy thoughts about her.
I was given a thick quilt and I fell asleep as soon as the lights were switched off. It was about 9:30 pm in night and the light was switched on. There was a small hole in the quilt through which light was directly projected over my face. I rolled my eyes through the hole to see what is happening outside. It was Girija aunty and she was searching her cupboard full of clothes. I got a mild erection watching her from behind and started imagining fucking her in doggy style. The next second something fell down and she bent her body to fetch it. I raised my head slowly without making any noise and noticed that it was her white bra. My mind quickly guessed that she is going to take a bath now. My mind slipped into the imaginary world where I was soaping her nude body and rubbing my prick on her ass. I was getting a huge erection and it was clearly noticeable.
I heard the creaking sound of the cupboard door closing and checked through the hole whether she left the room. What I watched next was the most unexpected one and I realized for the first time that my heart beats too.
Girija aunty was undressing in the same room. She dropped her pallu and unhooked her blouse. She was wearing a brown colored blouse and it appeared as if she was half naked from behind. As soon as she removed her blouse I saw her in bra. A pale white bra that appeared yellowish because of frequent use. It was the most gifted moment of my life for which I was waiting for years. Her hands reached behind to unhook the bra and it was tempting to lick her back. A drop of sweat was rolling on her back and made its way into her ass crack. She removed the bra exposing her bare back to me.
I was speechless and feasted on the visual treat my eyes witnessed. She was running her hands over her tits and praised herself for having such magnificent assets. My eyes were dying to see her boobs which were enough to satisfy my long pending desires for her. I was watching anxiously to get a small glimpse of her naked boobs. She suddenly turned facing towards me and I saw her boobs hanging free. My entire body took a big pause and could not believe if it was really happening or if I was in my own dream world imagining.
Her boobs were hanging free right before my eyes and I tried to picturize them in my brain because it may be the last chance I ever get to see her boobs this close. They were huge, slightly sagging but firm. The brown nipples were erect and the areolas were slightly darker than her skin tone. The small bumps on her areolas were seducing me into fucking her right away. Her boobs were shining in the sweat and her nipples were standing out and they were calling me to suck them out. I was getting restless and raised my knee to hide the uncontrollable bulge in my pants.
I was expecting her to finish soon and leave the room so that I can masturbate until my cock shoots all the painful juice in my balls. She was untying the knot on her petticoat but couldn’t’t succeed since it was so tight. She sat on the bed beside me and started trying the knot from her teeth. While she was trying to undo the knot seriously I noticed her left boobs just above my left hand. It was not too far, just a few centimetres away for my hands to grab and squeeze them. My cock was aching with the huge build-up of sperms and I was unable to hold it any longer. I decided to uncover my face so that she would move out of the room. I slowly pushed the quilt away from my face but she did not move instead she was keeping herself busy in undoing the tightly done knot. I felt like dragging her inside the quilt and fuck her at any cost. I could not gather the courage to even move my ass and kept quiet watching her mangalsutra hanging between her globes. I wanted to rub my rod between them and unload my cum on her boobs.
After a lot of failed attempts she finally managed to untie the knot and stood up holding the petticoat in her hands. She pulled it up till her boobs are covered and again bent her body and slowly slipped out of her panty. She took a towel from the cupboard and went to bathroom. I was waiting to hear her lock the bathroom door and immediately pulled my paining cock outside. It was oozing with pre cum and I pulled the fore skin down and started masturbating intensely. My cock shot a big load of cum into air and fell on the bed with my hands widely stretched. It was freedom at last.
My brain was begging to lick her panty. I noticed that my entire cum load landed directly on her panty and it was so much that the entire front portion was wet and it smelled strong. I licked her panty clean and rubbed my cock with the oozing cum on it. I was carried away by the pleasure and returned to my senses after some time.
I took her panty and bra to the kitchen and washed off my entire mummy making juice with the tap water. It looked clean but wet. I had to make them dry before she returns. I was getting tense and pleaded my brain to give me some ideas. There it was, an idea flashed in my brain. I took the hair dryer and dried the wet bra and panty thoroughly. She was unable to hear the sound of the hair dryer due to the sound of water in the bathroom and the irritating sleepless sound made by her old fan. I heard her opening the bathroom door and quickly placed the bra and panty as it was on floor before but did not get much time to replace the hair dryer. I had to throw it under the bed and closed by eyes pretending to be asleep.
I covered my face with the quilt and peeped through the hole. She returned to the room with a big towel wound around her body and increased the speed of the fan. I was lying like a dead man watching the most tempting woman I was longing for years. She picked up the old bra and panty she dropped on the floor and threw them into the basket where all the dirty clothes were accumulated. She removed the towel and threw it on the chair to dry.
I couldn’t digest the image that was in front of me and kept telling me that if I see her cunt it would be the end, the point of no return. Before I could do or think anything, she turned toward me facing away from the mirror. I saw her hairy crotch and my eyes stopped blinking immersed in the sea of pleasure. I kept watching the dark curly pubic hairs that were stretching wide across her under belly till the narrow gaps where her legs meet. Each and every second was making me more of an animal and the natural instinct to have an intercourse with the female gender was pushing me to my limits. My knees were raised to hide my lump better which would be very difficult otherwise.
She was so hairy that her cunt lips were hidden from view and my eyes were focused very keenly on discovering them. As I watched the hairy bush, it appeared as if it was zoomed and I realized that she was approaching me. She came very close to my face and I was determined that she is coming towards me to have her pussy licked. My guess was totally wrong. She stretched her hand to get the ear buds from the shelf over the head board of my bed. I watched her hairy arm pits and felt like she is not just a woman but a sex machine made to satisfy my hunger. I was sweating profusely unable to process all the events I had been through. I saw her entire nude body so close that I could smell her body odor through my nostrils.
She applied cream on her face and powdered her neck, boobs and arm pits. She then took a fresh unused set of bra and panty and took the first step in concealing her nude body. I felt better and expected her to completely dress up. She bent her upper body while putting on the panty revealing her hairy ass crack which was left hidden all this while. There were two options before me, get up show her the bulging cock and fuck her or masturbate peacefully and sleep as if nothing happened.
I was not courageous enough make this move and have an affair with a woman who happens to be my mother’s sister. I had to make a hard decision and selected the second option. I shagged my cock and slept light.
The next day I woke up at 8 am. I found Girija aunty in kitchen and she asked me to brush my teeth to feast on the delicious pooris and other special dishes she prepared for me. I brushed my teeth, washed my face and sat on the floor waiting for the food to be served. She came to be with a plate full of 10 to 15 pooris and started stacking them on my plate. I immediately witnessed her huge cleavage her enormous boobs made and my eyes were engrossed in the scene. I blinked my eyes and remembered her nude body that I saw the previous day. She looked serving me food nude and my little brother was gaining life growing inch by inch every second. She noticed my eyes and tucked her saree to hide her cleavage.
The hall was full of family photos and it was disgusting to have such obscene thoughts generated in my mind. I went to terrace to get some fresh air and clear my mind of dirty thoughts on her. I decided to break the porn cd that I brought and throw it into the field next to the building. The guilt feeling about getting into sex with her was sickening me and I broke the cd into two pieces with a slight twist of my palm. I threw it into the field and heard Girija aunty calling me from behind. She asked what I threw and I lied saying that it was paper.
She came to terrace to wash clothes and asked me to walk by and talk to give her company since the maid did not come today. I said ok and she started washing the clothes at the same time talking with me about my college. Her first question was how many girlfriends you have? A typical question all ladies ask guys like me and I replied with a standard response no. Then our talk diverted to her family problems and it went on and on. I stopped by one end and looked at her. Her huge pendulous boobs were shaking vigorously as she washed and rinsed the clothes. It was clear that this woman wants sex from me. She is doing all this to seduce me and fuck her. The thought was so powerful that it washed away all my guilt feelings at once and I decided to plough her fertile land once again.
That night I was normal as before but pretended to be having viral fever. I was sleeping in her bed room and rubbed my cock steadily to get it as big as possible. I had no other option but to put my monstrous cock on display to lure her into sex since I threw the cd into field. I heard her steps approaching the room and waited for her to undress her before showing her my thick meat. She entered the room same as yesterday and removed her bra and rubbed her boobs in front of the mirror. I made a small moaning sound and placed my hand on my cock outside the quilt. I slowly started rubbing my hands over my cock to drag her attention. She did not turn but kept looking at the mirror. After some time, she turned to get something from the shelf and noticed my huge lump inside the quilt.
She was surprised as to why I was keeping my hands over my groin and moved my hands aside during which she touched it with her fingers. My cock responded by pushing against the quilt from inside and she got shocked. She slowly moved the quilt away from me and noticed me lying naked inside with a huge oozing black monster. She rushed back to the hall and started walking rapidly from one end to another. She came back to her room squeezing her hands and noticed my thick meat standing out. She looked at the mirror and started crying. I was totally confused and decided to keep quiet no matter what happens. She was crying indefinitely and sometime later turned towards me and wiped her tears off.
She held the root of my groin in her hand pulled the fore skin up. She kissed the tip of it and my cock responded by getting bigger than before. My cock was thick, black in color and she is licked the pink knob at the top. She rolled her tongue over the knob sending a wave pleasures through my body. She then stopped for a while and looked at my face constantly. I blinked my eyes and she was quick to notice that.
Nandu, it’s enough. I know this is what you want from me. I always thought of you like my own son but you expect me to be your slut. That’s fine. I will do what you wished for.
She was looking at me but I kept my eyes closed. She slapped me to wake me up from my fake sleep. I opened my eyes but couldn’t’t gather courage to look at her face.
She rolled her tongue on my entire length of cock and asked me “Tell me, what you would like me to do?” You want to fondle my boobs, go ahead. She moved close to me and sat next to my shoulders. I pushed myself up and pleaded sorry. She looked at me and said “It was my mistake, I should pay the price. I should have checked you yesterday when I was undressing. Did you see everything?”.
I nodded my head and said yes. She was upset and closed her eyes. She grabbed my hand and placed it on her boobs and asked me to squeeze them. I was hesitating but she insisted on doing it and started squeezing her boobs with my hands. She took my cock in her mouth again and sucked it again making it glow bright. The red knob was glistening with pre cum but she licked it all clean.
She said “You were like my son but you want more from your mother than love. You want to make love to your mother right? I am, sorry; I was truthful to my husband and never ever imagined that I would be in bed with another man. It has happened today and nothing is going to change now. You want to take up your uncle’s position right? Then prove you are better in bed than him. I will remain your slave and fulfil your desires whenever you ask for.”
She slipped into bed next to me and asked me to take off her holy thread before committing the sin. I removed the yellow thread and she removed her panty and petticoat in one push.
I hugged her boobs tightly and licked her lips. She was not responding and remained unmoved. I moved my hands and placed it on her hairy pouch below. She immediately responded by pushing my hands inside her cunt lips. I rubbed her cunt lips and she kissed me back vigorously. She was biting my lips, nose and cheeks. I inserted my finger insider her pussy and rubbed continuously. She was moaning and pushed my head towards her pussy. She held the head board tight and opened her legs wide to show her cunt and begged to lick her there.

I moved closer to her pussy and parted her cunt walls to insert my tongue deeper inside her pussy. As soon as I inserted my tongue she pulled back and started pushing my head with one hand. She inserted one of her fingers and pleaded me to lick her juices. I inched forward and pushed my tongue inside making her scream “aaah aaah, ah, ah please go deep, deeper, more deeper. Aaaah ah ah ah, oooh, oooh , its good”. She was pushing my head with lots of force and I rolled my tongue insider her vagina to take off her purity.She pushed me away and sucked my cock. She pleaded me to put my cock in her pussy immediately. I was ready to climax any second and she took the tip and placed it near her entrance. I slowly started fucking her and within the next few seconds released a big gallon of milk in her pouch. She was screaming to fill her with all the seeds I got and I kept moving inside her until every accumulated droplet of my sperms reached her depths.
I pulled the quilt up and covered my body and slept unworried. She moved to the bathroom to washed her dirt and guilty away.
She came back from the bathroom, dressed up and woke me up.
Girija aunty: Now, we have come this far which I did not expect to happen so early. Tell me what’s next?
Nandu: Shall we go for one more round?
Girija aunty: It is fun for you. I can’t live with this guilt; it will keep haunting my mind. I tried to avoid many times before but you dragged me into this.
Nandu: So, you knew about my intentions and all you did the previous two days were intentional? Am I right?
Girija aunty: No, I knew why you were here but I was determined to remain pure to my husband but you spoiled it.
Nandu: Oh, that means, you wanted my cock so badly yesterday, so you allowed me to make love to you. What you are trying to tell?
Girija aunty: Now stop making unnecessary arguments. Tell me, what to do? Should we stop this once and for all or?
Nandu: So, you want my cock in your cunt again? Hmm, see, I have to admit this, I admired at your body from my childhood and it’s an honor to fuck you. Sorry, I must not say fuck and all; let’s call it love making to keep it clean.
Girija aunty: That’s fine, call it as you like. I wanted you ever since you saw me half naked many years ago. I kept away from you because you were young and I was not sure if you could keep such a big secret at that age. You looked more muscular now and I am confident that you can keep this on forever and don’t tell anyone.
Nandu: Can I make love to you any time?
Girija aunty: Of course, now I am your slut. Use this slut for free, life time validity.
Nandu: Can I call you bitch and I have one more kinky desire? It’s ok if you say no but I will ask.
Girija aunty: It’s fine. Go ahead and ask. I am at your service.
Nandu: Can you be naked for the remaining days except today? I will fuck you as many times as I want.
Girija aunty: Your wish is my command. Ok, I will prepare breakfast, brush your teeth and come soon.
I brushed my teeth and went to kitchen. Girija aunty was cooking food. I hugged her from behind and slid my hands inside and started squeezing her boobs. She started moaning and held on to the kitchen shelf. I pulled her saree up until her waist and pushed her panty down.
She was feeling kinky and said I never had sex in my own kitchen. You are too romantic to handle. Now, you want to fuck from front or back? I said back and turned her around. She bent her body slightly to make way for my thick cock meat and I entered her from behind. We were getting hot and uncontrollable and she asked me if I can fuck her asshole. I said yes and dragged her to the hall way and pushed her on the dining table and grabbed a pillow to raise her ass for easy access. I climbed on the chair on my knee and pushed my dick into her ass. She started crying in pain but insisted me to continue. I tore open her blouse and unhooked her bra, she threw them away and rolled upside down. She pulled me closer and grabbed by cock. She opened her legs wide and again inserted my shaft inside her shit hole. She pleaded me to fuck fast and unload the juice in her ass.
I fucked her ass hole deep into her depths and unloaded all the thick goo inside her. She took my cock out and licked it clean and tidy. She rubbed the remaining semen on her boobs and asked me if she looks like a slut. I said yes and mouth fucked her and filled her holes one by one.
She remained naked for the remaining days and I fucked her in the bathroom, hall, kitchen, lift operator room and in the terrace during night times in moon light.
We tried a lot of kinkiest things during the remaining days such as putting raisins in her pussy and licking it to get it out of her and eat it. Role playing, where I fuck her as her uncle, father, husband, son etc. Toss a coin and fuck her ass if heads else her pussy.
It was a tight and awesome cunt I ever fucked. I successfully completed this mission and appointed her as my permanent servant for love making.
Love your ass, your hairy cunt my dear Girija aunty. This story is dedicated to you.

Sex With Sunita Aunty

Aunty Sex Stories : Sunita Aunty

This is story about how I fucked my aunty who is about 45 year old. Reply me on romeo.
My aunty (Sunita – name changed) is my Mami (Married to my mothers brother) and stays in Mumbai. When my uncle got married, Sunita aunty was around eight year elder to me. Initial years they were staying with our family but later shifter to Mumbai where my uncle got job. I always treated her with respect. Later on they had one son, who become engineer and got married.
They were staying in Mumbai for last 24 years and I have visited them only few times whenever I used to catch flight for my overseas tour. Mostly it used to maximum twice in year; that also for 2-3 days only. They all had very busy life and even at their home I hardly get to meet them. Later on my cousin brother got married and I attended his marriage. I was also married with one son.
She was only 19 when she got married to my uncle. Even though her son is also married, but she has maintained herself so well that she still look hardly 35 year old only. Sometime I used to tease her, whether she was competing with her daughter in law in beauty. Soon after marriage, her son and daughter in law shifted to Surat as he got good job there.
My story started when I went to stay with my uncle for some days as I had to renew my visa. When I reached Mumbai, my uncle took leave for some day to visit his son in Surat. As aunty didn’t get leave from the office, she had to stay back in Mumbai. This was the first time I was going to stay with my aunty alone for some day and believe me having any relationship with her never crossed my mind.
One evening when we were having tea, I asked her whether her son is planning to start his family as he is married for last 2 year and still no news. Initially she hesitated but then told me that she has spoken to her daughter in law and she said that her sex life is not so good. Both husband and wife are working and when they come back from office, they are so tired that they hardly do any sex. Even when they have sex, either timing is wrong or for some reason, she is not able to conceive. They are planning to shift back to Mumbai to start family.  Just for unforeseen reason, I just said that I had sex with my wife 3-4 times a day soon after marriage and made her pregnant within first month of my marriage.  She was stunned but soon recovered and smiled at me. She asked then why you stopped after first kid. She doesn’t want to have more kids, so no more kid – I replied. And how about sex – she asked. Not that much, but still we enjoy thoroughly whenever we had sex – I said.
Unknowingly our conversation shifted to sex, I saw that she was enjoying it. She asked me what all thing I do in sex. I told her how I used to suck my wife nipples, lick her clitoris and pussy, and lick her buttock and ass.  She was blushing when I told her how I and my wife use to do oral sex, face sitting, and anal sex and even watch porn movies while doing sex. I know she is horny now so I asked her about her sex life. She said she had always fantasized about all these type of sex but my uncle use to have only normal sex and she had hardly enjoyed sex. She asked me if I had sex with any other women other than wife, I told her about my pre marital sex relationship. She was enjoying it till I revealed that I even had sex with my Reena aunty who was her cousin sister. I told her my sex adventure with Reena aunty in detail. She just snapped and slapped me and went to the bedroom.
I was shocked. I followed her and asked her reason for slapping me. She was in tears and told me that Reena has told her about her extra marital affair but today only she came to know that I was the person in Reena’s life. She caught hold my t-shirt collar and told me fuck her and make her enjoy better that Reena.
Listening this I got wild. I smooched her and put my tongue inside her mouth. She hugged me tightly and started breathing heavily. After 5 minute we separated, I started removing her nighty. She was wearing black bra but no panty. She literally tore my t-shirt and payjama away and started stroking my dick. I directed her to lick my dick and even though it was not clean, she started sucking like hungry wild cat. She was breathing heavily and soon I exploded in her mouth. She continued sucking and my cum was dripping from her lips. I literally had to beg her to stop.
I asked her to wash her mouth and when she came back to bedroom, I asked her to lay down with leg spread. There was thick growth of pubic hair but it was totally wet with her cunt juice. I started licking her face, then nipple and slowly went down to her pussy. Her pussy was so much filled with juice and I can literally lick and drink it. She started moaning loudly. Licking her pussy I slowly lay down and pulled her up. Now she was sitting on my face and I was licking her vigorously. She was moaning very loudly and within no time she screamed and pulled my head with my hair toward her pussy. She reached her orgasm and then she just collapsed in the bed. I recomposed myself and sat on the bed breathing heavily. Soon she got up and hugged me. “Oh god, it was the best thing I ever enjoyed in my life” she screamed.  Fuck me whole night, whole day. I will take medical leave from my office and just keep fucking me – she was begging me.
After 30-40 minutes, I had intercourse with her. And whole night we had around 5 session of sex including anal sex which she had done for first time with me. I stayed there for 10 days and every day was honeymoon for her. She said if she had sex with me in younger age, she would have taken baby from me.
Now also we are in touch over phone and do cyber sex over Skype. She doesn’t want to break our relationship at any cost and I also love to give her greatest enjoyment of her life. I will continue my sex relationship with her till her desire. Believe me she started looking much younger after having sex with me and anybody can think she is my wife, if we ever go out together. I may be sin in somebody eyes but I feel I have given her new lease of life and something to look forward. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Finally Nailed My Aunt

Aunty Sex Stories : Finally Nailed My Aunt

 I am Kritagya, 27 years living in Kolkata. I am tall and slim have a fair complexion and look cute. If you like the event that I am going to narrate then please do send in your views to . The main character of my story is my Aunt. She is an awesome lady. I bet anyone who looks at her can’t ignore the erection in their pants. Her boobs size are 34B and her hips are 38. She is a bit plump on her waist and very short in height but when she wraps herself in a saree (thats all she wears) then she can easily make head turn. The best feature is her ass. When she walks the cheeks slap each other in a manner that people can kill just to touch her ass.
My attraction towards my Aunt began at a very early age. I was 16 when I was introduced to the world of porn. I used to discuss and share my fantasies with my neighbour. He was the same age as me. We used to be so horny that we would shag our dicks in front of each other. I never touched his or let him touch mine but it was exciting to watch and shag. During one such encounter he expressed his desire to fuck my aunt. I was shocked and angry. In anger I said I would like to fuck his mom. He was calm and I got furious but at the same time excited. He started describing my aunt’s feature and how he wanna ram his cock between her ass. I experienced a different kind of orgasm that day and that bastard deviated my mind from worshipping my aunt to fucking my aunt. Obviously from that day onwards I stopped shagging with him and warned him to stay away. He was harmless and after a couple of years their family shifted to new place. I on other hand was exposed to a new world. My fantasy and desire to Fuck my aunt.
Then started the process of collecting and sniffing her dirty laundries. Whenever she used to go out I would sneak into her room and take out all her panties and bras. I used to sniff it and wear it and shag in it and then stack it back. I also used to go in our bathroom collect her dirty laundry and lick it and spill my juices in it. This went on for some time and I guess she started having an idea on me messing with her delicates. She didn’t say anything but used to be a bit more cautious. I then thought of taking it another level and tried to run into her accidently, or touch her ass or boobs and make it look accidental. She started getting an idea of my intentions but didn’t say anything as she thought I was too young to do anything. Time passed and my patience was declining. I wanted to fuck her at any cost.
I thought of acquiring sleeping pills and mixing with her milk but didn’t have the right conncection to acquire one. I got a sex enhancing gum from a shop and tried it on myself first. I found it not working coz my desires and fantasies gave me a better kick than such gum. I thought of lying naked in my room and wait till my aunt comes in but then even that didn’t work as i never got the house free for just me and her. But then I got one such opportunity. i was 19 then and even had a girlfriend who I used to fuck whenever we had a chance. My uncle was supposed to go out of town. So i was supposed to sleep in her flat. (forgot to tell we used to live in two diff flats but on the same floor, couldn’t join it as they were diagonally opposite). So i was given the room next to her and she slept in her room. The room was not closed and i knew for a fact that she was a very light sleeper. A slight noise and she would wake up.
Anyways i couldn’t let go of this opportunity. I knew my uncle would be our for 8 days and I had to do something within such time. So on the first day itself i waited for an hour after she slept. I slowly crawled into her room and saw her. I wanted to kiss her then itself but then saw her saree lifted to her knees. I raised the saree and tried to look in but as the room was dark I could see nothing. I tried to lift the saree more and with that she woke up, luckily i was standing beside her bed and she asked what i was doing there. I got scared and said that there is a call for her and she needs to attend it. She got up came to the other room and obv found that no one was there. She had her doubts but i had my horniness. Next day i kept a torch in my hand. After she slept i again crawled back and this time after lifting her saree switched on the torch. I was greatly erect to see her red black panties. I tried to touch it and she again woke up. this time i hide below the bed. She slept back and i ran out of her room. My horniness and patience were now totally out of control.
On the fourth night i decided it’s now or never. I again went to her room at night. With a torch i again lifted her saree and then hit the lights on her crotch area. This time I was shocked she was not wearing any panties and her pubic hairs were visible. I was getting out of control. i tried to concentrate more and was expecting to see her pussy. I then took out my penis and started stroking but observing her pussy. I was in a different world altogether. I then thought of going all the way then and there only. So i again went to my room. I started ringing on our landline. I knew if i won’t pick up she will have to come to my room to pick it up. I wanted her to enter my room so that I can avoid waking my cousins up who were little kids back then. The phone started ringing. She entered my room and called up my name. I didn’t respond she went to pick the receiver and as soon she turned her back to me I grabbed her from behind.
She left a loud shriek escape her and my heartbeat skipped a beat. I was scared but then I realised i have already crossed the boundary so i cannot retort from this point. She turned back and slapped me hard. I was hit really hard and it pained a lot. I didn’t cry but tears did start falling down my eyes. She saw it and started screaming. I was paralysed but then I don’t know what i happened I grabbed her face and kissed her lips. So by now I had groped her ass and kissed her lips. while kissing I also tried to touch and feel her boobs but she pushed me back. I started pleading her to stop and listen to me first. She was not ready to listen to me, so i started begging and crying infront of her. I fall on her feet and requested her to at least hear me out.
She agreed. At first I requested her not to tell this incident to anyone as it will spoil our family reputation and also I will be discarded from home. She did agree to it but only one condition that i will never ever talk to her or even touch her. I took a sigh of relief. However my fantasy still lied unfulfilled. I then ask her for her permission to speak about my feelings. She somehow agreed to listen. I started pouring my heart out to her. I told her how i started thinking sexually towards her and how i used to dirty her delicates and how i tried really hard to seduce her to fuck me and how much i love her. I also described her figure in the most romantic way possible and told her that she casts a magic spell on me. Every Time I am around her i can only think of fucking her and how this is affecting my daily life. She was listening intently and i could even see she was not that angry to me. I then asked her if she can give me just one opportunity to touch her. She denied.
I asked her if she could just shag me if not lemme touch her. This time she was undecided. I took my chance and pulled down my shorts. My dick was out. She showed an expression of anger but I thought it was a victory for me as she didn’t shout or hit me. I Started shagging looking at her and describing on how if she permits I would suck her out. She started breathing heavily. I took my dick and went close to her. I put my penis in her hand. She let it go first. I again did it and made a cute request to her. She said this is wrong. I requested her just once so that I can move on and waise bhi she wont be talking to me ever so why couldn’t she just be mine tonight. I promised her no one would know about it. Saying this I again put my penis in her hand. This time she made a grip around it. I was ecstatic. I knew that tonight i was going to fuck her.
She slowly started to stroke my penis. I watched it grow more bigger in her hands. She was feeling tempting. I asked her to kiss it. She came towards my dick and i pulled it back. She was getting desperate. I told her that i wanna see her pussy and since she is wearing no panties so she should lift her saree so that i can enjoy the view. She was at first shocked as how i knew that she wasn’t wearing any panties but then she was excited enough to do that. She lifted her saree and said I could just see it. I made her lie on the bed. I removed her saree. She did protest but I was not turning back. She was now lying in front of me only in her petticoat and blouse. I started kissing her navel, and the proceeded towards her boobs.
I was sucking her boobs over her blouse and was making it drenched in my saliva. Her blouse started becoming translucent. I could see her bra. I asked her why see trapped her boobs in her blouse to which she asked me to free them. I didn’t listen to her. I now moved on towards her cleavage and made my way to her neck. I started licking her neck and biting her ears. She was breathing heavily and just then i kissed her on her lips. my tongue started finding its way in her mouth and we started exchanging our saliva. I don’t know why but that was the most deepest and bestest kiss i ever had, she ever had. We were kissing passionately for a few minutes. I then kissed her eyes which were a bit wet as she was cheating on her husband.
I kissed her forehead and told her that i promise this will remain our little secret and she can anyday use me for anything she wants. I again kissed her and lied over her. My dick was out but her boobs and pussy where still out of sight. I opened her blouse and turned her not to open her bra but to kiss her back all over. I again groped her ass. I squeezed them hard and i could hear her moan. She was on the verge of getting wild. I positioned my dick over ass and started to roam my hand all over her back. just then i snapped her bra open and was now massaging her entire back with my hands.i again leaned towards her and kissed the back of her neck. i raised her petticoat and for the first time saw those beautiful jugs. The most amazing ass you can ever see on an Indian Woman. She was begging me to fuck her. I was busy licking her ass. I kept on squeezing and biting and licking her ass. She was getting wet. My dick was paining hard due to the maximum erection it had reached.
I turned her around and saw heaven. Here is the woman of my many shags. The woman who a few moments back hit me hard for thinking sex with her and now here she lays in front of me at my mercy. She was naked. So was I. I just laid over her to feel the hotness radiating from her body. The heat was tremendous. I rubbed my dick on her pussy entrance vigorously. She was getting wild and wanted me to enter. I stopped. Now i got down to lick her. My both hand were resting on her 34B boobs and circling around her nipples. I was squeezing her boobs and pinching her nipples. She used to feel massaged and pain both at the same time. I kept playing with her boobs and started licking her pussy. It was all wet.
I started biting her vaginal lips and moving my tongue over her thighs to her pussy. She was getting excited. I kept on licking and pushing my tongue in her pussy. Her taste was out of this world. I then moved up and placed my dick at her entrance she tried to push me in but i just made the tip of my dick wet and took it out and moved it to her face. She opened her mouth but i pulled it back. I started teasing her like this and she was getting restless. She started scratching my back. I finally touched my penis to her lips and she immediately took the entire thing in. She loved our juices mix. she sucked really hard. I then took my dick out from her mouth and placed it in between the two mountains. She squeezed her boobs to give my dick the effect of stroking. I was in heaven. The best sex i ever had even though i had already lost my virginity way before.
It was now time to penetrate her moist vagina. I was desperate and she was horny beyond control. I could see white fluid flowing out of her pussy. I took my middle finger and inserted in her vagina. I gripped her vagina in such a way that my palm was resting over her vagina and my middle finger insder her and other fingers were just gripping her ass. I started finger fucking her real hard and my other hand was busy juggling between her breasts. her hands were out of control, they were either messing with her hair or pushing my finger more inside her or pinching her nipples or finding my dick and squeezing her. Her body was also responding rythematically to my fingers fucking movement.
She was going nuts and the heat radiating from our body misted our windows entirely. Even on full ac we were seating. She was moaning loudly and was thanking me to make her do this. She sensed something building inside her and said she had never experienced such a feeling. I took out my middle finger and took it inside my mouth. I then kissed her like this and we then started playing with my finger with our tongues. It was a tremendous feeling. In the moment i placed my penis at her entrance and asked her to promise me that this wont be our last time. She was totally in sex mode and said she would remain my slut forever.
I then pushed my dick inside her. It went half in and the portion inside her could feel her pussy walls contracting for more. She wrapped her legs around me and started pushing me towards her. I started stroking and with every push my penis would enter her more and more. Finally with one last push i was totally inside her. We were entangled like one entire body. Not an iota of air could pass between us. My pelvic was touching hers. Her legs totally entrapped me. I laid on her breasts and crushed those breasts entirely and then leaned in to a kiss. We stayed like this for a couple of minute. During this entire time her vagina walls were constantly contracting and waiting for the long and hard strokes. I started slowly.
Her hands would scratch my back and legs would open and close with every movement of mine. I started with slow strokes and gradually increased my tempo. Her body almost came in sync with mine and she was grinding her ass with every stroke of mine. It was our first sex together but it seemed liked we were trained porn stars and were doing it with utmost perfection. I kept pushing my dick in and she kept moaning. She started calling my name and the moment she started getting loud i used to lean in and kiss her and bite her lips. We reached a point of maximum satisfaction and it was time i empty myself in side her. I desperately wanted to have the feeling of cumming inside a woman. I asked her if i can.
She said she just finished her cycles and today was my lucky day so yes i could cum inside. Hearing this i started to pump her really hard and fast. I could feel my self build up and the moment i was getting close to cumming i would stop pumping her and would start squeezing her ass and boobs. She requested me to empty inside as she had already cummed twice and wanted to feel my sperms inside. She also warned me to be excited after shooting inside her because she won’t let me sleep unless i fuck her thrice. I was excited. I finally lost control. She was whispering my name in my ears and telling me all the naughty stuffs she wanna do. I was fully charged and with a few hard deep push i reached my orgasm. She let out a shriek and i immediately covered her lips with mine so that we don’t wake my cousins up. She was exhausted and so was I. I took out my dick and saw sperms coming out.
I had one of the best experiences that night. We started fucking at 1 and this continued till 6. We didn’t fuck continuously but we were naked throughout and tried a lot other positions and climaxes. This was just the beginning of our story together. I got many chances of fucking her and in one such instance we planned on introducing a third member to our sessions. This is how i got my girl friend fuck me along with my aunt and once my aunt helped my fuck her sister as well. I have many other events to be shared and would really appreciate your comments on my story. Any woman married, divorced or single or any girl interested in sex or cyber sex can contact me through

Aunty Sex | First Love with Rekha Aunty

Hi Everyone, This is Sumit from Bangalore. It was September of 2006, when I moved to Bangalore, for pursuing Engineering in IT from a good college in Southern Bangalore. Since I had taken a late admission I could not get a nice room in college hostel. We had a close family friend Rekha Aunty living in Bangalore. She was working in HR dept in a very big IT Company.
I was 18 at that time and she was around 37 and divorced. Her husband was a big time loser and never cared for her. She is a real beauty. She has medium height, around 5' 6" and was a very fair and a bit chubby. She has these beautiful brown eyes and short hair. She is like an angel to me with amazing assets. And to be honest, I love chubby women over slim ones.
Her figure is amazing. She had huge breasts and ass. Anyone would die to make love to her. Its quite sad for husband and lucky for me that he didn't cared for. She got divorced when she was 31. After her divorce she was focused on her work and career and never dated anyone. So coming back to the story, when I moved here she helped me out a lot.
She helped me search a good 1 BHK flat in BTM Layout, which was cheap and near to my college and even to her house. Even though she was single and had no kids, she lived in a nice and spacious 2BHK apartment. For the first few months, things were fine. I never looked her with any bad intentions in mind. We would hang out, go for shopping, late night movies, dinner and became very good friends.
She would buy me expensive gifts and many a times make dinner for me. It was always fun to hangout with her. She might have been in her late 30s, but she always looked like as if she was only 27 or 28. Also, there is this culture of addressing everyone by their first name in IT companies, she always insisted that I call her by her first name. I was quite shy to do that at first, but later I got used to it.
It all started, when I went to watch late night show for Dhoom 2 with her. I went to Rekha's apartment and rang the bell. She was wearing a black dress and looked completely stunning with open hair. I fell in love with her after at that very moment. Since the dress covered her till her knees, I could see her bare legs and they were white as milk.
I wanted to hold her and kiss her that very moment, but I controlled myself. I told her that she is looking amazing and she blushed and said thank you and complimented me too. So we went to the movie hall, got some popcorn and pepsi and started watching movie. I was getting calls from one of my classmate, Nidhi, who was very much interested in me.
I did fucked her but that's a complete different story. So when we came back from the movie back to her apartment, Rekha started asking me questions about her and started teasing me with her name. I told Rekha that Nidhi is not my girlfriend and neither am I interested in her. Rekha said so what's the big deal. You should take her out and have a good time with her, may be you'll start liking her after that.
To which I said if I'll start hanging out with her then who'll take care of you. Besides I like to be with you here than to be with her. You are far better than her. Rekha said, still you need to date a girl. You are in college now and winked at me. I knew where she was heading to. So, I said that if having a gf is so important then I'll make you my gf instead of her. She and I both started laughing.
I went near her, held her hand and said Rekha would you like to go out for a date tomorrow. She said yes and started smiling. She hugged me and said, You better not break my heart. I heart was beating so fast. I could feel her soft breasts on my chest, it was an amazing feeling. Since, it was getting quite late and I had college early morning, I left for my apartment.
Next afternoon she messaged me to pick her up at 7. I reached home by 4 and started preparing for the date. I went to the market picked up few candles, bottle of wine, wine glasses and a bouquet of 101 red roses for her. I came back and emptied my drawing room. Placed a table in between with 2 chairs and candles and red roses on the table and all over the room.
The I got dressed up, wore a t-shirt, jeans, boots and an expensive brown jacket that she gifted me. Applied hair gel and left for her house in a cab. I reached there by 7:15.I rang the bell and she opened the door. She was wearing a light blue saree. I kept staring at her for quite some time. She was looking beautiful than ever. I couldn't take my eyes of her.
Suddenly she said in an angry voice, you are late. I gave the bouquet of roses to her and said, it was hard finding so many beautiful roses for the beautiful lady. She was very happy to get roses. So smelled them and kissed me on my left cheek and said thank you. I said, no need to thank. This is the least I can do for my beautiful girlfriend. She started blushing and kissed me again.
I could see the lust she was hiding in her eyes, I just needed to make her take it out. We sat in the cab and went to a really expensive hotel on M.G. Road. I wasn't that rich but had few thousands saved from the money my parents sent me, as Rekha wouldn't spend me any money. I've already made reservations for us. We reached their by around 8:20.
I paid the driver and asked him to pick us up again in an hour. As we were going inside, she held me hand and said you should always hold you girlfriend's hand while walking. Never leave her alone. I smiled and held her hand tightly. We went inside, had a delicious dinner and dessert. All this time we talked about my family and her past.
She told me stories of how her husband never cared for her and abused her. I looked into her eyes, held her hand and said that now that she is with me. She don't have to worry about her past. I would take good care of her and satisfy her every need. After the dinner, she insisted in paying bill, but I said since I've asked her out, I should be the one paying.
So, I paid the bill, came out, sat in the cab. I told her that I've a surprise for her at my apartment. She was quite thrilled by hearing that. I asked the driver to take us to my place. When we reached at my home, I asked her to wait outside for 5 mins. I went inside, checked the arrangement, sprayed air freshener, lit up the candles and turned off the lights.
Then I went outside, took her hand in mine and walked her inside. She was amazed to see all these arrangement and immediately turned towards me and hugged me. She said no one has ever done so much for me and that she'll never let me go. I said forget the past, now your life will be full of surprises. I pulled out the chair for her and asked her to sit.
Then I sat opposite to her and poured wine for her and me. She said why are you sitting so far away from your gf, come close to me. I was very happy to hear that. I went near her. She started to tickle my leg using her legs. She looked me in my eyes I'm all yours today. I knew exactly what she meant. I put my arms on her waist and grabbed her closer to me and kissed her on her lips.
She too grabbed me tightly and started kissing me passionately. She was getting more and more wilder. She was scratching her nails on my back, biting my lips. I was pretty sure by this time that she was very desperate and needed a good fuck. We continued kissing for another 10 minutes. I slowly moved my hand on her breasts. I removed her pallu and I could get a clear view of her cleavage.
I started kissing her cleavage and tried to unhook her blouse. She was moaning with pleasure. I took of her bra in one go and there they were the most amazing assets of a women, bare in front of me. I started sucking and kissing them one by one. She too took of my shirt and we both were top less. It was getting wilder and wilder. She was moaning loudly.
I suggested that we should continue it in bedroom. She was more than happy to go in bedroom. I tried to lift her up in my arms but she was heavy. So, I just put my arms around her and took her to bedroom. I made her lie down on bed and we started kissing again. After 10 minutes of passionate kissing and exploring her body with my hands, I went down to her beautiful and milky breasts.
They looked like heaven, waiting to be explored. I sucked them again for few minutes. She was moaning heavily in pleasure. Then I made her stand up and took off her remaining saree and peticot. She was just in her panties, which were black in colour. She looked so hot. It was very hard to control my self. I just wanted to get on her and hump her like a dog.
She came near me and took off my trousers and my underwear too. My cock was completely erect and was waiting for action. She took my cock in her hands and start massaging it. It was oozing with precum. She made me sit on the edge of bed and started sucking my cock. It was the greatest feeling I have ever had in my life.
The way she licked the tip of my cock with her tongue and wiped all the precum by circling her tongue around my cock was amazing. She started getting wilder and starting pumping my cock. Withing few minutes, I had the feeling that I was going to cum. I told her I was going to cum and She said, she wants to drink it all. It has been a long time she has tasted the most delicious thing a girl can get.
I cummed all in her mouth and believe me it was a massive orgasm. I have never cummed so much ever in my life. She felt satisfied and So was I. She drank every drop of it and licked my dick completely clean. I pulled her up and made her lie on the bed. Now it was my turn to give her pleasure. I separated her legs and there it was, her beautiful shaved pink vagina.
I inserted my finger and she again started moaning. It was already wet and dripping liquid. I started licking her and she started moaning loudly. I inserted 2 fingers in her cunt and started moving them. Soon she held my head tightly and had an orgasm. I drank all her liquid. She was dying to get more action. She wanted me to fuck her desperately and my dick was ready for action too.
I was rubbing my dick on her vagina and she pleaded my to fuck her, but I wanted to make her wait. Finally she grabbed my dick and guided it in her vagina. I thrusted it in her. Her pussy was very tight. She cried loudly in pain. It was an amazing feeling, It was so warm inside her. I was loving that feeling. I started to move my dick slowly inside her.
I was fucking her in missionary position. I grabbed her breasts and started licking them while fucking her. Her nipples were tight and she was moaning loudly. She was shouting fuck me hard. I started to increase my speed. I told her I was going to cum and she asked me to cum inside her. I did so.
She grabbed me in her arms and we slept like that for few minutes. Then we went to bathroom cleaned ourselves up. She changed the bed sheet and we slept naked in each others arms that night. I'll continue the story from what happened next morning. Do write to me in the comments, in case you liked my story.

Mature Lady Sex Guide

Friends, I hope you enjoyed my earlier stories about a housewife with a servant and the one about a married man having sex with his colleague. This time, I am writing about a young man's experience with a matured lady.
These are all my fantasies and they are not related to any real life stories. So here we go. Enjoy! Sanjay was in last year of MSc. Sanjay came from a modest middle class family. To add a cushion to the pocket money he received from his father,
Sanjay took mathematics tuitions of young students. One of Sanjay's students, Arpit was in fifth grade. Arpit was born in UK and had studied there until his fourth grade. Arpit's family had now returned to India. Having studied abroad for first four years,
Indian schooling was getting a bit tough for Arpit. Hence, Aprit's parents had approached Sanjay for the tutions. Sanjay happily agreed. Sanjay went to Aprit's bungalow three days in a week for two hours tuitions between 6 to 8 in the evening.
Sanjay liked to go to Arpit's house for the tuition. Arpit had a separate study room. While Sanjay taught Arpit, Mrs. Joshi, Arpit's mother would often bring nice snacks for him to eat. Mrs. Joshi was about 35.
She had a very fair complexion and was a bit chubby, but not completely out of shape. Whenever she brought snacks for Sanjay and her son Arpit, Mrs. Joshi would sit down to have a small talk with Sanjay. She would inquire about Sanjay's studies,
his future plans, his family members etc. Slowly, Sanjay too became at ease when talking to her. Despite the gap of about 12 years in their age, they slowly developed a good friendship. Since Arpit's father would return to home only after 8:30 at night,
Sanjay hardly had any interaction with him. A year passed by. Sanjay had scored good marks in his MSc and also found a job in a renowned college as a lecturer. He did not need to continue with his tuitions anymore. But upon Mrs. Joshi's insistence, he continued Arpit's tuition.
Going to Arpit's house was more than going for a tuition. It also meant unwinding from day's stress and having frank talks with Mrs. Joshi. Even after more than year of their acquaintance, Sanjay never called Mrs. Joshi by her name.
He always referred to her as Joshi madam or Arpit's mom. As their friendship grew, their interaction became more and more informal. Many a times, Sanjay would give a test paper to Arpit and he would go in
Mrs. Joshi's kitchen to chat while she cooked dinner. When Sanjay had just started tutoring Arpit, Mrs. Joshi used to wear evening clothes like Salwar Kameez or Jeans and T shirt. But lately, Sanjay had seen her in her night clothes more often.
Now a days, Mrs. Joshi did not mind wearing her night gowns even while Sanjay was in the house. Her night gowns were made of cotton and they were mostly sleeveless. The gowns were semi transparent.
Sanjay did not realize when he started enjoying staring at Mrs. Joshi. When Mrs. Joshi cooked in her kitchen, Sanjay liked to stare at her nice round buttocks. He often felt like grabbing them behind. And such thoughts gave him an erection.
Mrs Joshi also had noticed Sanjay's glances at her shaved armpits whenever she moved her hands through her hair. Mrs. Joshi was very sure that Sanjay was still a virgin. After all, he was only 21. His curious looks at Mrs. Joshi were quite natural.
The thought that she still had a power of seducing young men at the age of 36 pleased Mrs. Joshi. Her husband was busy in climbing the career ladders. He hardly expressed desires in bed these days. Sometimes Mrs. Joshi wondered if she had lost the charm.
But Sanjay's occasional glances at her vitals suggested otherwise. One night, after having a very cold sexual encounter with her husband, Mrs. Joshi was lying on the bed naked, not able to sleep. Mr. Joshi had already started snoring.
She thought of her recent sex with her husband. He was not even ready. Mrs. Joshi had to make efforts to harden his penis by hand massaging it. And when he was aroused, he did not bother to even look at Mrs. Joshi's naked body.
He simply rode on her and had a quick intercourse and went back to sleep. Mrs. Joshi felt very frustrated. Her testosterones levels were still very high. Many thoughts came and went through Mrs. Joshi's mind while she was lying naked in the bed.
She thought of her early days into marriage. She and her husband used to have lot of fun. She thought of the day when they had recorded their love making act. The VCD of their naughty performance was still lying in their bedroom cupboard.
And somehow, a thought of Sanjay looking at her naked body came into her mind. Mrs. Joshi wondered why such thought came. But she realized that that thought didn't just come to her mind. It also made her feel wet between the groins.
Her finger automatically went over her clitoris. She fantasized Sanjay looking at her naked body. She also imagined how his pants would look like due to the erection. Unknowingly, she increased the pace of rubbing her clitoris.
The thought and the sensation from rubbing sent several currents through her body. She didn't care that her husband was sleeping right next to her. And she was thinking of a young man, who tutored her son. Was it insane? She did not care.
Had her husband satisfied her, she wouldn't even think of anyone else. The thoughts were running wild. Mrs. Joshi was reaching very close to climax. At the same time, she imagined Sanjay touching her breasts.
And that was it! Just the thought of Sanjay touching her breast took Mrs. Joshi to climax. Her whole body was shaking. She experienced intense contractions in her vagina. After a long time did she have such a strong orgasm.
After a minute or so, she calmed down. She got out of the bed, put up her clothes and went back to bed to sleep. Next day, while making tea, Mrs. Joshi thought of the incident that happened night before. She wondered if there was anything wrong in her fantasy.
Somewhere she thought may be its not right to think of Sanjay like that. But her desires were defeating her morals. Last night's solo experience was so strong that she really wanted to have it in real; At least once.
She woke up from her thoughts as Mr. Joshi walked in the kitchen. She poured the tea in a cup and gave it to him and got back to normal routine. That evening Sanjay came to their house as usual. Mrs. Joshi behaved with him normally as she always did.
The only difference was, she started paying more attention to Sanjay's occasional glances at her vitals. She also tried to subtly spot any bulging in pants. But she was not successful. Days passed. Mrs. Joshi was getting bolder the way she dressed when Sanjay came to their house.
At times she would wear black bra under a white top. Sometimes she wore a low neck top and bend in front of Sanjay to give him a look of her cleavage. And sometimes she wore a semi transparent gown with no slip inside. She observed Sanjay's reactions to her seducing behavior.
Sanjay had noticed Mrs. Joshi's change in the way she dressed. It was a pleasure sighting Mrs. Joshi's cleavage and her bare, arms, her shaved armpits. When he was alone, Sanjay also liked to imagine how Mrs. Joshi's naked body would look like.
One day, Sanjay gave some exercise questions to Arpit and came into living room to chat with Mrs. Joshi. Mrs. Joshi was reading Arpit's science book. Sanjay asked "Mam, you are reading Arpit's science book? What happened?"
Mrs. Joshi replied "You know Sanjay, the school board is crazy. They want to teach birds and bees to sixth grade students!" Sanjay looked at her with a question mark. "Birds and Bees?" Sanjay's education was in his native language. He did not know the term.
Mrs. Joshi kept the book aside and looked at Sanjay with a surprise. "You don't know birds and bees Sanjay?" She started laughing. Sanjay was puzzled. "Don't you know how a baby is born?" She asked. Now Sanjay got the clue.
He blushed. Mrs. Joshi was amused to see a young man blushing like that. She asked him naughtily, "Don't you know?" Sanjay nodded. He was looking at the floor. Mrs. Joshi did not want to give up the topic. "Tell me what do you know. Let me take your test".
Sanjay was hesitating to speak. Mrs. Joshi insisted. "Come on! Don't be shy!" But before the topic went any further. Arpit called for Sanjay. Sanjay felt relived. He went inside to attend Arpit. Mrs. Joshi sat on the sofa recalling how Sanjay reacted.
The thought made Mrs. Joshi arouse a bit. After Sanjay finished the tuition, he came out of Arpit's room. Arpit was still in his room, playing the video games. Sanjay proceeded towards the main door to leave the house. Mrs. Joshi got up to see him off.
When they were at the door, Mrs. Joshi brushed her hand thru Sanjay's hair and said, "You are very innocent!" Next week, Mr. Joshi went to Delhi to attend a week long conference. It was only Arpit and Mrs. Joshi at home. Sanjay came to teach Arpit as usual.
Mrs. Joshi was wearing a sleeveless cotton gown. The gown had buttons in the front. Whenever she bent, the gap between two buttons widened to give a glimpse of her beautiful round breasts, half covered by the bra. Mrs. Joshi noticed Sanjay trying hard to take a peek at them.
Mrs. Joshi asked Sanjay to give a 1 hour test to Arpit on maths and come to a living room so Arpit can solve the problems without disturbance. Sanjay obliged. When he came to living room, Mrs. Joshi asked him to sit on the sofa and said that she will get tea.
She brought tea and biscuits in a tray and bent down to keep the tray on the table in front of Sanjay. Sanjay obviously did not miss the chance to have a good look at Mrs. Joshi's cleavage. While he looked at her cleavage, Mrs. Joshi made an eye contact with him.
Sanjay felt ashamed and he looked down. After keeping the tray on the table, Mrs. Joshi sat next to Sanjay and sternly said, "Sanjay, what were you looking at?" Sanjay was scared now. He thought as if it was end of the life. He just murmured, "S...Sorry mam".
"That's not an answer." Mrs. Joshi still sounded stern. "I want you to tell me what were you looking at. Give me straight answers". Sanjay did not say a word. He was sat there looking at the floor. His face turned red.
Mrs. Joshi pitied him seeing like that. She softened her tone. She put her hand on his back and smilingly she said, "I know what you looked at. You were trying to see what's underneath my gown right?" Sanjay nodded and again said "Sorry! I should not have done that".
Mrs. Joshi said, "Don't be sorry. You are young. Its a natural feeling. I don't mind". While saying so, Mrs. Joshi unbuttoned top two buttons of the gown and widened the opening. Her cleavage was visible at the greatest extent possible.
She said "Look here!" Sanjay turned his head towards her and was mesmerized to see Mrs. Joshi's cleavage. Within seconds after he turned his head, Mrs. Joshi covered her cleavage. Sanjay was still in a shock.
Mrs. Joshi put her hands on his pants to feel the buldge inside and naughtily smiled. She got up from there and headed to kitchen. While going, she said "Finish your tea before it gets cold. And yes, call your home and tell that you are going out with your friends
and will come very late. We have to finish your birds and bees lessons after Arpit sleeps". Sanjay got an idea of what was in his plate. He immediately called his home and told them that he will be coming home very late.
Mrs. Joshi had started cooking in the kitchen. Sanjay went to check on Arpit. After the tuition was over, all of them had dinner together. Arpit was excited to see Sanjay having dinner. He was fond of Sanjay.
After the dinner, Mrs. Joshi signaled to Sanjay to pretend to leave the house. Sanjay did so. Then, Mrs. Joshi took Arpit to his room. She made his bed and read him story. Within 15 minutes, Arpit went to bed.
When Mrs. Joshi was making Arpit go to sleep, Sanjay re-entered the house and sat on the sofa. within 10 minutes or so, Mrs. Joshi came out. Sanjay anxiously sat there not sure of how things would unfold. Mrs. Joshi came closer to him. She sat next to him and put her hand over
his back. And said, "You like to watch me?" Her touch on the back sent mild current through Sanjay's body. He nodded. "What do you like to watch?" asked Mrs. Joshi. Sanjay just looked down. Mrs. Joshi asked "Feeling shy?" "Hmm" responded Sanjay.
Mrs. Joshi unbuttoned her gown to expose her cleavage again. She asked Sanjay, "Do you like to see this?" Sanjay looked at her cleavage and nodded. "Do you feel like touching it?" asked Mrs. Joshi. Sanjay looked at her with a question mark on his face.
She said "Go ahead!" Sanjay's hands were shaking. He put his hand on her exposed chest. Mrs. Joshi held his hand and pressed it over her chest. Now Mrs. Joshi unstrapped her bra. She removed her bra and threw it on the floor. Her gown was still covering her breast.
She moved Sanjay's hand a bit down. Sanjay felt her erect nipple. Sanjay was fully erect by now. Sanjay instinctively pressed the breast. "Aah" Mrs. Joshi moaned. She was loving Sanjay's touch on her breast. "Kiss there!" she whispered very softly.
Her eyes were closed. She was enjoying the touch. Sanjay obliged her. He hurriedly removed her gown. Her breast popped out. Sanjay bent down and started sucking her nipple. Mrs. Joshi was moaning very softly. That was making Sanjay more excited.
Now Mrs. Joshi held his head and lifted it. She kissed his lips. She got up from the sofa and moved on Sanjay's lap. She was facing Sanjay. She held Sanjay's head with both hands and kissed his mouth.
Sanjay had no experience of kissing a woman but he could bet that Mrs. Joshi must have been the best kisser. When Mrs. Joshi kissed Sanjay, her vagina was rubbing against Sanjay's erect penis inside the pants.
She rubbed it intentionally to enjoy the stimulations on her clitoris. Her breasts were pressed against Sanjay's chest. Sanjay was sitting there helplessly not sure how to react to such an overwhelming action.
Now Mrs. Joshi moved back. She removed her gown. She was now topless. Siting on Sanjay's lap. Sanjay looked at those beautiful, round 34C breasts. She had a medium sized pinkish areola and erect nipple.
Sanjay's penis throbbed inside his pants. Mrs. Joshi sensed the movement. She asked him "How is it?" Sanjay was in no mood of speaking. Mrs. Joshi held one breast in her hand and pointed the nipple towards Sanjay and said, "Suck it!"
Sanjay immediately followed her instructions. He had fantasized about seeing Mrs. Joshi naked. Now he was actually seeing her naked. He was playing with her breasts. He was sucking them. Mrs. Joshi was loving the way he was sucking the breast.
It was far different than her husband who had been sucking it out of formality and not out of passion. She was enjoying the passion filled act by Sanjay. She moaned. After letting Sanjay play with her breasts, Mrs. Joshi got up and asked Sanjay to follow her in the bedroom.
She picked up her clothes from floor and headed to the bedroom. Sanjay followed. Once they got inside the bedroom, she asked Sanjay to take his clothes off. Sanjay did so without any hesitation. His erect penis popped out.
Mrs. Joshi had taken her clothes off as well. She came closer to Sanjay. Her breasts pressed against Sanjay's chest. She held his erect penis and looked at him. "Does it always get hard when you think me?" Mrs. Joshi asked naughtily. "Hmm" responded Sanjay.
Mrs. Joshi started stroking his hard penis with her hand. She maintained eye contact with Sanjay while she stroked his penis. She enjoyed his facial expressions in response to the intense stimulation.
She tried to recall when was the last time she saw similar expressions on her husband's face. Sanjay stopped her in few seconds. She asked him what happened. Sanjay said "I can't bear it further". She smiled. She sensed that any further stroke would make him come.
And she was not yet ready for that. Now Mrs. Joshi moved away from Sanjay and got in the bed. She asked Sanjay to come over and kiss her toes. Sanjay looked at her puzzled. She firmly said "Do as I say."
Sanjay started kissing her toes. Then as per Mrs. Joshi's instructions, he started kissing her ankle and then on the side of her knees and then on her thighs. Sanjay touched her smooth, very fair thighs and moved his hand over them. He was enjoying the touch.
Mrs. Joshi too liked her thighs getting caressed. She responded with moans. Now Mrs. Joshi asked Sanjay to move up. It was the first time Sanjay was seeing any female's genital area. Mrs. Joshi's vagina was covered in th dark hair. The pink opening of the vagina looked very wet.
Sanjay touched it with his fingers and looked at her. Mrs. Joshi asked him to kiss it. Sanjay hesitated a bit. But he remembered the porn films he had watched and decided to get down to the act. Afterall, Mrs. Joshi was taking him to the wonder world of sex.
Who wouldn't prefer a guided tour like this? Sanjay bent down to kiss her vagina and without even having to be told, he licked it very gently. He heard a loud moan in response. Mrs. Joshi was loving it. "Good! keep doing it" said Mrs. Joshi.
Sanjay repeated the licking. Mrs. Joshi widened the opening of her vagina with her index and middle finger. She said "Put your tongue inside". Sanjay did so. "Aaah!" Mrs. Joshi was getting intense stimulation now. She whispered "Wiggle it inside".
Sanjay was getting excited by Mrs. Joshi's instructions and responses. He wiggled his tongue inside Mrs. Joshi's vagina. His tongue touched all areas of inner walls. Mrs. Joshi was squirming. It must have been 6 years since she was getting oral.
Mr. Joshi had refrained from this act for quite some time. Mrs. Joshi was coming closer to climax. She held Sanjay's head and pulled it away from her vagina. She squeezed her vagina and experienced the intense vaginal orgasm.
She had forgotten the intensity of it. It was heaven. Sanjay stood their clueless. He held his penis and stroked it and saw Mrs. Joshi was going through. After few seconds, Mrs. Joshi relaxed. She asked Sanjay to come near her in the bed. Sajay lied next to her.
Both of them faced each other. Mrs. Joshi moved her hand through his head and moved closer to kiss him. Sanjay put his hand around her and kissed her. This time he was very confident and firm. He also put his leg over Mrs. Joshi's waist.
He was caressing her back. Mrs. Joshi liked that. She hardly got such a soothing experience after an orgasm. Sanjay was still erect. He rubbed his penis over her genitals. Mrs. Joshi realized that he wanted to come too.
She released herself from his arms and got up from the bed. Sanjay was puzzled. She said "Wait a minute." She went to her closet and came back with a condom. She unpacked it. and came back in bed. She put the condom on Sanjay's penis.
Then she made Sanjay lay on his back. She now rode on Sanjay. With her hands, she guided his hard penis inside her vagina. Sanjay enjoyed the sight of her beautiful breast bouncing while Mrs. Joshi stroked him. He put his hands over them and pressed them and squeezed them.
He watched the way Mrs. Joshi was reacting to him. He had always seen her in decent looks and as a respected figure. Today, the same Mrs. Joshi, Arpit's mom was looking very wild. And he was actually inside her.
Now Mrs. Joshi bent over him. She kissed him again and said "Are you having fun?" "Yes madam" replied Sanjay. Mrs. Joshi smiled. She naughtily said, "Bad, boy! fucking your madam like this?" Sanjay pinched her buttocks and said, "My madam is fucking me!"
They both laughed. Sanjay's penis was still inside her vagina, but there was no stroking. Sanjay said "Thank you for the best time!" She replied "No I thank you. I was missing all this fun for many years" Sanjay was surprised and asked "Why?
Mr. Joshi doesn't love you?" She replied, "He loves me, but he loves his career first. Sanjay, when you marry don't ever ignore your wife. Promise me you will pay attention to her always. Never let her feel that you are not attracted towards her."
Sanjay replied "Hmm!" "I will teach you how to keep your wife always happy. In bed and otherwise too!" Sanjay asked "So, are we doing it again?" Mrs. Joshi pinched his nose and said "Naughty boy! you like this old woman?" Sanjay said "I love you!"
Mrs. Joshi replied "Don't fall far me emotionally. We have our own lives. But yes, we can do this again anytime you wish. But only until you get married ok? Once you marry, you must be faithful to your wife." Sanjay nodded.
They both kissed again and Mrs. Joshi stroked him again. Sanjay said he wanted to be on top. Mrs. Joshi agreed. They rolled so that now Mrs. Joshi was on the bed and Sanjay over her. Mrs. Joshi asked him to sit on his knees and again guided his penis inside her.
Then she rested her legs on his shoulders. Sanjay started stroking her. Mrs. Joshi was again moaning. She asked him to stroke hard. Sanjay followed. He stroked hard and deep inside. Mrs. Joshi asked him to increase the pace. He did so.
Within few minutes, Sanjay exploded. Mrs. Joshi felt his penis jerking, but the condom prevented the squirt of his sperm inside her. Sanjay collapsed on her. They lied on the bed quiet. After five minutes or so, Mrs. Joshi asked Sanjay to get dressed.
It was 1:30 at night. Sanjay got up, went to the toilet and cleaned himself. Then he wore his clothes and left Mrs. Joshi's home. Mrs. Joshi too put on her clothes, secured the locks of main door and went to sleep.